Who I Am

Decades ago I joined the military learning how to weld and fabricate for the Sub Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Afterward, I entered a career working as an all-around fabricator using multiple mediums: metal, wood, plastic, glass, and even concrete.  In 2009 I began 3D development which grew into a full-time freelance position and led to many notable and interesting accomplishments.  So if you don’t see me hiking on a trail in the wilderness, you can bet I’m creating something special for any given client, working on collaborative design project online, or building some type of video game.

What I Do

My passion and profession is designing with 3D software, leveraging many professional approaches in design.  Using CAD software I create engineered parts, assemblies and drawings.  Using rendering software I create photo- & non-realistic images for marketing and pleasure. Using CC software I create 3D models and extend their use in rendering and animation productions.  Using the Unreal Engine I combine everything 3D into fully interactive visualizations, apps, and video games for use anywhere & everywhere.

3D Modeling

It’s as exciting as it sounds: I create new 3D models all the time for clients, public sharing, and my own passion projects.  Great 3D is the fundamental building block for just about everything being produced in manufacturing, or found in the wide range of media throughout the entertainment industry.  I’ve spent years learning a variety of software, interfaces, and techniques to allow ideas to translate quickly and develop these projects efficiently.  I’m highly capable in all forms of parametric & polygon 3D modeling so we have the right format and flexibility for your production.

3D Rendering

Once you have your 3D files built, the next step would be rendering images of the 3D model, scene, or environment for marketing and general fanfare.  Producing realistic representations of your ideas will also allow you to communicate with partners, associates, and collaborators about the idea in progress and will greatly aid in the review of the project with your team.  I can get renderings done quick, or I can take the extra time aiming for photorealism based on your necessity and intent.  3D rendering software uses a camera’s perspective to produce the shots and inherits all of its effects; such as depth of field, aperture, and much more.  Add realistic environment & lighting and we’ve got a recipe for a high quality production.

3D Animation

Combining 3D models, their lighting, the environment, plus other features like particle effects and 3D model rigging, can greatly extend the possibilities of your project.  Whether making a video game, an app, or marketing a 3D tour, the animation choreographs all of these elements into a cohesive package that’s programmable and interactive.  Animating your project allows the onlookers to get the full visual extent of your idea, and allows artistic & professional feature videos to broadcast the production with limitless possibilities.

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